Campus Diadema

Instituto de Ciências Ambientais, Químicas e Farmacêuticas

The Campus Diadema of the Federal University of São Paulo was created as one of the strategies adopted by the Brazilian Government (2003-2016) to accelerate society development through granting high-quality public education as well as scientific production and innovation to forge ahead with social progress.

Diadema city is a high industrial density region from São Paulo State which, in contrast, still houses a preserved area of the Atlantic Forest and part of the Billings dam. Considering the Unifesp desire for a campus with a vocation for the natural and exact sciences, the city was chosen as the Campus home base.

This campus presents its emphasis on chemical, environmental, biological, pharmaceutical, and educational sciences with the main objective of improving the socio-economic indicators in this metropolitan region of São Paulo by providing the market with technically and scientifically knowledgeable professionals who also develops a contemporary view of their professions.

The preparation of these professionals includes facing the environmental and health problems that affect the country to purpose solutions that lead to the improvement in the quality of life of the population, within the context of the existing social difficulties.

The campus is divided into four units, three of which are located downtown: Antônio Doll Unit, Manuel da Nóbrega Unit and José Unit Alencar. The José de Filippi Unit is in the Eldorado neighbourhood, close to the Billings Dam, in an area of protection and recovery of water sources. José Alencar and José de Filippi Units house 60 Researcher's laboratories as well as the Analytic Central which provide services both for the scientific and academic projects of the Campus.

In their first years, our students are provided with a solid and common formation in Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Biology as well as they develop their writing and, oral and leadership abilities. In the following years, they explore the theoretical and practical contents of their chosen courses, being prepared for the specific knowledge and technological aspects of each expertise area.

One of the priorities of Campus Diadema is also to provide educators in the field of Sciences and Mathematics to fulfil the high regional demand for teachers to act in the Public High School Education.

Campus Diadema houses seven Undergraduate Courses and six Post-graduate Courses (Strictu Sensus).


Biological Sciences 


Chemical Engineering 

Environmental Sciences

Full Degree in Science Education

Industrial Chemistry 



Chemical Biology

Science and Technology of Sustainability

Ecology and Evolution


Material Sciences and Engineering

Pharmaceutical Sciences

Environmental Sciences

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